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Volume 4, Issue 20, Spring 2003
     Special Issue: Manitoba Fibre Conference Will Help Stimulate New Industries - The Hemp Report's Arthur Hanks explores AgFibe 2002. This issue of The Hemp Report is password protected and is for subscribers only. Please see our FAQ Page for more information on how to become a subscriber.

Volume 4, Issue 19, Winter 2002
     The Marketing Feature of the Winter issue of The Hemp Report is password protected and is for subscribers only.
If you are not a subscriber you can read the New Products Feature without a password. You will need a password to read the rest of this issue. Please see our FAQ Page for more information on how to become a subscriber.

     Table of Contents

     Part I: New Products
     New Products Feature
     Feature Plug: Return of the JIHA by Arthur Hanks

     Part II: Hemp Marketing
     To Certify or Not to Certify? by Kevin Ablett
     Hemp Marketing: success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration by Ruth Shamai
     Things all hemp marketers should know by Kevin Ablett
     The OHA display at The Guelph Show 2002 by Louise Hollingsworth

Volume 3, Issue 18, Fall 2001
     Starting with Issue 18 the current issue of The Hemp Report and our Hemp News Headlines and Hemp News Archives will be password protected and available to subscribers only. The back issues of The Hemp Report in our archives will available to all. For more information on subscribing please see our FAQ Page.

     Parkland BioFibre: $15 million processor for Dauphin, MB
     So where's the Hemp?
     AAFC releases second hemp survey: grounds for optimism
     Nutris Inc. bags Ukrainian Seed
     Hemp and The New Energy Economy
     Industrial Hemp For Feed
     New Products Preview: How do I get free advertising in The Hemp Report?

     Fibre Front: Textile Roundup
     Lights on again in Hemptown
     Patagonia: a necessary part of the mix
     Challenges and Opportunities for Canadian Hemp Fibre
     An Overview of the Present Bast Fibre Production and Processing in China by Gordon Scheifele
     World First Patents: Spinning Hemp in Cotton Mills

     Regulatory Update:
     New Rules? Canada
     New Rules! USA

     Primordial & Timeless Forms: The Works of Helmut Becker
     Special Hemp Art Feature

Volume 3, Issue 17, Summer 2001
     Cross Canada 2001, a change in emphasis
     The East
     The West
     Notices & PSA's
     Yugoslavian Delegation to Canada
     Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Hemp Survey, 2000
     Operation Ditchweed 2001
     A Hemp Field Photo Suite: From Seeding to Baling
     Canadian Regulatory Update
     Hemp as a Feed for Ruminants

     Fibre & Food
     Western Canada's First Hemp Fibre Processor Opens
     What's Hot in Hempstores by Gord Johns, Fiber Options
     Cool Hemp -- is Not Ice Cream by Dr. Alexander Sumach

     America & International
     US Update
     Hawaii Report by Dr. Dave West
     New European Industrial Hemp Association Forms:
     Haworth Press to publish Journal of Industrial Hemp
     New Zealand to proceed with Hemp Trials

     Cannabis: an environmentally and economically viable method for climate change mitigation (revised 2001) by Marc Deeley (PDF download)
     New Tropical Industrial Hemp by Tanya Jobling & Phil Warner
     THC (Tetrahyrdocannabinol) Accumulation in Glands of Cannabis (Cannabaceae) by Paul G. Mahlberg & Eun Soo Kim

     Summer Fun with the Hemp Report: Try the Quick Hemp Quizz

Volume 3, Issue 16, Spring 2001

     To the editor: does ownership matter?
     2001 Seed List: two up, two down and two red flags
     Where to get seed?
     Grain prices update-- April 2001
     Anka: the competitor
     Commercial Yields 2000
     Hemp and Soil Fertility
     Manitoba: Organic Farm Mentorships are in place
     Research: THC in Processing
     Laboratory Analysis of THC Content in Industrial Hempseed
     Final Report, Development of Hemp Food Products & Processes: An ARDI supported project - No. 98-209


     Webworthy: Hemp Earth Ship
     US Update: Spring 2001
     Industrial Hemp: Reality and Rhetoric, By Louie B. Nunn
     Hempcar TransAmerica: Coming To Your Town This Summer
     Strom-Martin to be Keynote Speaker at Upcoming Santa Cruz Expo
     New Study: Assessing the Impact from THC Uptake from Hemp Oil

     Food & Commerce

     Hemp Oil Gaining: 150 tonnes a year consumption
     BioHemp Technologies sells Food Division, Brand
     Storm Breweries moves towards Zero Emissions
     World's First Clinical Trials on Hempseed Oil to begin in Finland
     Brawn Builders Blender Breakfast Beverage
     Review: H.E.M.P.- Healthy Eating Made Possible review by Dr. Sumach
     New products (Part II) Addendum and Corrections
     Conference Report: 2001 Organic Conference at the University of Guelph (Jan 26-Jan 28)

     Fibre Front

     Hemp Report Special: Eastern Fibre Tour
     Non Wood Fibre Meeting
     Fibrex Québec
     Textile Technology Centre
     Meridian Autosystems
     Gordon Scheifele visits European Processors & Breeders By Terry Tornblom
     Romania has production potential for European Industry By Anton Holler
     Report and Summary of Developments at the 3rd Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase By Pete Nelson

THC in Hemp Foods and Cosmetics: The Appropriate Risk Assessment
     By James Geiwitz, Ph.D., and the Ad Hoc Committee on Hemp Risks. Hemp Report Special, January 2001. Available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf and Microsoft Word formats.

Volume 2, Issue 15, December 2000
     Part 1: Top of the Crop
     I) Saskatchewan to enter the Ethanol Energy Economy?
     II) Three new seed varieties announced: Anka, Carmen, and Deni first North American cultivars
     III) New regulations and regulatory rollbacks worry industry
     IV) Infra-red cooking technology approved by Health Canada
     V) PAPTAC forms nonwood pulping committee
     VI) December's Celebrity Hemp Awareness Index: Margaret Atwood
     The Hemp Report's Annum Cannabis 2000: the year in hemp

     Part 2: Market Development Special
     2000's new products from Canada, US and the World
     Market Development around the Hemp World
     Bedding Deal: Can you fill this order?
     Hemp is available here

     Part 3: Agriculture
     Hemp Field Notes from the Great AgVenture now online
     The Benefits of Irrigation in FIN-314 Hempseed Cultivation by Sasha Przytyk
     FERAL PERIL- DITCHWEED 2000 Essay by Dr. Alexander Sumach

     Part 4: Conference
     NAIHC Conference Report I: Realism key to the success of hemp by Martine Carlina
     NAIHC Conference Report II: NAIHC needs to rethink its agenda by John McPartland
     Report: Functional Foods Update in Saskatoon

     REVIEW: Canadian Hemp: Bibliography and Resource Guide
     ABSTRACT: GC-MS analysis of the total delta9-THC content of both drug- and fiber-type cannabis seeds [In Process Citation]

     Working in Hemp Foods? Two sites to visit
     Recommended: Sources of Web News
     Upcoming Events

Volume 2, Issue 14, October 2000
     1) New! Company Profiles:
     The Merry Hempsters: Hemp products good for the Body, Mind & Soul
     Hemp Oil Canada: Hemp Oil Canada Inc. launches new hemp food and hemp bodycare product lines

     2) Top of the Crop:
     Woody wins; goes nonwood
     Canada's magic mirror: the reverse embargo
     Hemp clothing seized in France
     Taking the Go Out of Embargo Analysis and Insight by Dr. Sumach
     More on Hemp Beer By Dr. Sumach

     3) America!:
     Nader's third way
     VoteHemp.com Releases "Hemp Friendly" Voter Guide By Eric Steenstra
     US State Legislation Update: 2000 By John Howell
     DEA Raid Pine Ridge: Hemp Lost
     The United States now has more prisoners than farmers
     American Beauty: DEA threat moving slow, meet savehemp.org, Hawaii celebrates and much more

     4) Hempseed and Hemp Foods:
     Hempseed Oil: A Smart Start By Kelly Smith
     The Nutritional properties of Hempseed Oil By Kelley Fitzpatrick
     Book Review The Hempnut Health and Cookbook Review by Dr. Sumach
     Hempseed Considered Effective Medication against Tuberculosis in Prewar Czechoslovakia

     5) Agriculture:
     Brant County Hemp Mission to Germany By Doug Albin
     Hemp Essential Oil: Sweet Smell of Success By Dr. Sumach
     The Very Last Word on CGP
     Low THC Breeding Project Underway
     Rodale Institute releases Farm Systems Trial (FST) Study By Jason Freeman
     Two Abstracts for Bioresource Hemp 2000 By Gordon Scheifele

     6) NEW!Fibre Front:
     Daimler Chrysler Expands Use of Natural Fibres in Automotive Components
     Kafus' Directors Resign: company files for bankruptcy
     Johnson Controls Excited about Hemp, Natural Fibres
     Management Change at Fibrex Québec
     Hemp and the Open Directory Project By industrialhemp
     Japanese Hemp Distributors
     Recommended: Sources of Web News
     Upcoming Events:
     October 26-29, 2000: CHFA Expo East, Toronto, Ontario
     October 29-30, 2000: Nutraceutical & Functional Foods Update, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
     November 2-4, 2000: North American Industrial Hemp Council, Annual Meeting and Conference 2000, Rosemont, Illinois
     November 9-11, 2000: Alberta Horticulture Congress and Prairie West Trade Show, Edmonton, Alberta
     January 26-28, 2001: 20th Annual Organic Conference, Guelph, Ontario

Volume 2, Issue 13, August 2000
     Part One:
     Top of the Crop:
     1) Health Canada's 2000 License Report released
     2) New Study Finds Hemp Foods and Workplace Drug Testing Not in Conflict
     3) New Zealand Approves Hemp Trials in Principle
     4) Hemp Draws SRO Crowd of State Legislators
     American Beauty: the good, the bad, the Navajo, Nader & Pokemon too
     Herbs 2000: Show Report and Review
     Hogtown Hops Ahead With Heady Hemp Beer by Dr. Alexander Sumach
     Marketing Hemp Products by Lucy Letourneau

     PART TWO:
     Location, Location, Location (Part II: Seedbed preparation) by Jon Cloud
     Harvesting, Handling and Storage Checklist by Sasha Przytyk
     Harvest Timing for Hemp Grain/Seed Production by Jack Moes

     Hemp Germplasm Trials in Canada by Ernest Small & David Marcus
     Feral Hemp Project Update by Dr. Alexander Sumach
     Hemp Shorts
     a) Review: Hemp Diseases and Pests: Management and Biological Control
     b) Ethics in Action nominates two west coast businesses
     c) International Hemp Journal Yearbooks Released
     d) Webworthy
     Association News:
     Alberta New Crop Network created
     NAIHC Update
     Upcoming Events
     Masthead, Credits, and more info

Volume 2, Issue 12, June 2000
     Top of the Crop:
     1) Hemp and climate change study
     2) Kline & Co: significant markets emerging for natural fibres
     3) Vote Hemp wants you
     4) Lear Corporation introduces two natural fibre polymers
     NEW COLUMN: American Beauty
     FEATURE: Fibrex Québec: processing of natural fibres in North America remains a pioneering activity
     Location, location, location by Jon Cloud
     British Columbia: Peace Region Research
     FEATURE: Cross Canada Crop Report 2000
     Special Advertising Feature: Licensed Testing Lab Directory
     Functional Marketing
     Hemp Shorts
     a) First Canadian grown and woven textiles are now on the market
     b) Fiber Ethics Magazine launches
     c) OhMega!
     d) HCFR readers are needed for Non-wood Pulping Survey
     e) Webworthy: egroups.com
     Association News: OHA officially up and running
     Upcoming Events
     Masthead, Credits, and more info

Volume 2, Issue 11, May 2000
     Parts One & Two:
     To the Editor:
     Ditchweed requires special licensing
     True numbers surrounding fibre supply
     Top of the Crop:
     1) Future Looks Bright for Manitoba Growers
     2) US Border Clears Up Again - for the time being
     3) Hemp Has a Hard Time... staying on the food shelves
     4) Health Canada Splits Three Ways
     5) Hemp to Keep Status as "Novel" Food
     Gear and Clothing and Lost Wages
     Hemp's Enemy Weeds
     Hemp as Silage: Alberta Research Results
     Peace River, Alberta: Rycroft Hemp Trials
     Hemp Farmer Makeover
     1999 Comparison of Industrial Hemp Grain composition for oil, protein, fibre, essential amino acids and fatty acids from across Northern Ontario

     Part Three & Four:
     HCFR Special: Oglala Sioux Plant Industrial Hemp
     Seeds for Sovereignty
     Small Ontario company has Big Plans for Hemp-based Frozen Desert
     Hemp Shorts
     a) Domtar releases hemp/sugarcane Weeds paper
     b) Canolio Cosmetics preaches beauty through health
     c) REVIEW: Nelson's Hemp Husbandry is one of the best
     d) Now available: OTA's Organic Fiber Directory
     e) COMING SOON - Canadian Hemp: Bibliography and Resource Guide
     f) Web Worthies... you've got mail!
     g) HCFR Recipe of the Month: Beer for the home brewer
     Show Reports
     NCCT Conference Report
     Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo Report
     Saskatchewan Hemp Association Update
     Upcoming Events
     Masthead, Credits, and more info

Volume 2, Issue 10, March 2000
     Top of the Crop:
     1) Latest ONDCP Position On Industrial Hemp
     2) The View From Up Here
     3) CGP Declares Bankruptcy; Canadian Hemp Industry Moves On
     4) Hemp Foods Study to be Released in May 2000
     5) More Hemp Market Data
     6) MCIC Offers Crop Insurance For All Hemp Grain
     HCFR Seed Guide 2000, Part II
     So you want to be a hemp farmer
     Hemp 2000 Report
     Conference Notebook: Some Highlights
     Show Reports
     FIBREX 2000 (March 8th, 2000), Delta, BC
     Northern Alternatives Conference at UNBC (March 25-26th)
     CHFA Expo West Report (April 1-2)
     Hemp Shorts
     A) Nutiva Launches New Line of Hemp Chips
     B) New at Hempology.org
     C) Young, Innovative Company on Tour with Organic Hemp Oil
     D) Howell Becomes Hempwell Inc.
     E) HCFR Recipe of the Month: Hemp Carrot Cake
     Association News
     Manitoba Industrial Hemp Association Update; 1999 in review
     Upcoming Events
     Masthead, Credits, and more info

Volume 2, Issue 9, February 2000
     To the Editor
     Top of the Crop
     1) Border Status of Hemp Remains Unresolved
     2) How Much Hemp?
     3) Manitoba Supports Industrial Hemp Through ARDI Program
     4) Nutraceuticals in Manitoba Industrial Hemp: Background and Objective
     5) Northwestern Ontario Research 1999 Findings are Now Available
     HCFR Seed Guide 2000, Part I
     Pioneers of the Hemp Industry, by Jon Cloud
     Comparison of Bast Fibre and Whole-Stalk Mechanical Pulps, by Wade Chute
     Hemp Shorts
     A) New Website to Help Farmers Develop New Markets and Industry to Use New Materials
     B) Hemp Times Magazine pulls out of print; Planet Hemp to become principally private label catalogue
     C) Web Worthy: Globalhemp.com
     D) Hemp Smoothie Recipe
     Association News
     Ontario Hemp Alliance Update
     Upcoming Events

Volume 2, Issue 8, January 2000
     Top of the Crop
     Border Uncertainties Return as US DEA Makes New Recommendations to Customs
     USDA Releases Market Report
     Europe Changes Some Rules; Lowers Hemp and Flax Subsidies
     Speakers Announced for Hemp 2000
     CGP Makes Moves
     Hemp Freeze Out
     The HCFR interview: Cynthia Thielen and Dave West
     A Discussion of Cannabis Cannabinoids -THC & CBD
     Hemp Shorts
     "Certified Organic" Nutiva's Hempseed Bar Available in Stores Nationwide
     Breakfast with Hemp Plus
     Hempola Shifts Headquarters to Huronia
     Hemp Agro Cleared of Marijuana Charges
     Carbohydrate Economy Email Bulletin is now available
     Europe Changes Some Rules; Lowers Hemp and Flax Subsidies
     Association News
     NAIHC Conference Report
     Upcoming Events
     Montreal: January 31st-February 4th: Paperweek 2000
     Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 29th and March 1st: HEMP 2000 Speaker Series & Trade Show
     May 13th-14th, 2000: Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo

Volume 1, Issue 7, December 1999: Year-End Special
     To the Editor
     The Year in Review: The Top Stories
     Genetically Modified Hemp?
     Harvest Notebook, Part III:
     1) Poor Organic Farming Practices Produce Poor Yields
     2) Hemp Report and Update for Northern Ontario
     Performance-Based Industrial Hemp Fibres Will Drive Industry Procurement in the 21st Century, (Part II)
     Benchmarking Study on Hemp Use and Communication Strategies
     By the Numbers: The HCFR List
     Historical Hemp Highlights
     Association News:
     Northern Hemp Gathering in Hazelton, BC
     Upcoming Industry Events

Volume 1, Issue 6, November 1999
     To the Editor
     Top of the Crop
     1) Kenex Resumes Shipping
     2) Hemp as a Novel Food
     Harvest Notebook, Part II
     Manitoba Overview
     The Benefits of Regulation
     Traditional Uses of Culinary Hempseed
     Performance-Based Industrial Hemp Fibres Will Drive Industry Procurement in the 21st Century, (Part I)
     Leaders in Fibre Utilisation
     Manipulation of Fibre
     Production Technology
     Hemp Shorts
     Farming the Ag Internet
     Crying Wolf
     The Farm Crisis for Non-Farmers
     Les échos du Chanvre
     Recipe: Carrot/Hemp muffins
     More hemp history
     Association News:
     BC Industrial Hemp Grower's Association AGM
     OHA Kick-started with Public Funding
     Upcoming Industry Events

Volume 1, Issue 5, October 1999
     Top of the Crop
     US Border Closing?
     New Products from Hempline
     Anka Update
     Ruth's Hemp Foods Launches
     European Acreages
     Harvest Notebook, Part I
     Record Yields
     Moisture Chart Released
     CHC becomes NAH Inc.
     Processing Oil Seed Straw Options
     The Rhizosphere
     Hemp Pulping 101
     Small Wonders
     Hemp Shorts:
     Echo Oils Opens
     News From Rella/Hempnut
     Fighting Words
     California, Here We Come...
     The HCFR and Hemp Hazards
     HIA Convention Report
     Canadian Health Food Show
     Upcoming Industry Events

Volume 1, Issue 4, September 1999
     Top of the Crop
     The Value of Value-Added Hempseed Foods
     GMO's: a Marketing Opportunity for Hemp
     Little Critters
     Hempburger: where's the beef?
     New Processors and Marketers in Place in Manitoba: Profile on Hemp Oil Canada and Fresh Hemp Foods
     Upcoming Industry Events
     Hemp Shorts

Volume 1, Issue 3, July 1999
     Top of the Crop
     Developing markets for Hempseeds
     The HCFR Interview: Gero Leson
     Farmers: Keep Your Workers Happy!
     Testing, Testing
     The Nutritional Value of Hemp Oil: an Overview
     Alphabet Soup: Hemp Associations
     Hemp Shorts: Upcoming Industry Events

Volume 1, Issue 2, June 1999
     Top of the Crop
     Cross Canada Crop Report
     How Can You Call Yourself an Organic Farmer When Your Organic Matter is so Low?
     E-Interview with Richard Rose
     Making Light Work in Analysis of Oilseeds, Fibre and Fermented Beverages
     Many Ways to Have a Commercial Hemp Crop...Few Ways to Kill It
     Hemp Shorts
     NEW! Marketplace

Volume 1, Issue 1, May 1999
     Top of the Crop
     The Myth About Hemp
     Bugs and Biologicals
     THC Content of Hemp Oil
     E-Interview with Jace Callaway and David Pate
     Manitoba Regional Report: Warren Ellis of Prairie Hemp
     Northern Ontario Grain Report
     Hemp Shorts

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