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Volume 3, Issue 18, Fall 2001 ISSN 1498-8135

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Parkland BioFibre: $15 million processor for Dauphin, MB
So where's the Hemp?
AAFC releases second hemp survey: grounds for optimism
Nutris Inc. bags Ukrainian Seed
Hemp and The New Energy Economy
Industrial Hemp For Feed
New Products Preview: How do I get free advertising in The Hemp Report?

Fibre Front: Textile Roundup
Lights on again in Hemptown
Patagonia: a necessary part of the mix
Challenges and Opportunities for Canadian Hemp Fibre
An Overview of the Present Bast Fibre Production and Processing in China by Gordon Scheifele
World First Patents: Spinning Hemp in Cotton Mills

Regulatory Update:
New Rules? Canada
New Rules! USA

Primordial & Timeless Forms: The Works of Helmut Becker
Special Hemp Art Feature

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Can a plant sue for libel? This is my thinking as hemp enters a new round of regulatory refinement in the US.

Hemp is routinely hated, feared, and defamed by certain conservative "citizen" groups. They are supported by specific rulemaking and rule-enforcing bodies. The dialogue often makes me wonder whether we are talking about the same plant or not.

The lies often put me in a foul mood, cold and bitter like the night of a Prairie winter.

But y'know, the propaganda effort itself is geriatric, despite handsome funding, and hemp continues to win public victories through the media. Now this cheers me up. But are the small media coups we've seen to date enough? Is hemp developing the critical mass it needs to win over cautious politicians, bored bureaucrats, and the distracted main street of civil society? I can make no predictions, our 21st century future having been plunged into murk by the events of past September. These are dangerous and brutal times we live in. But I believe that hemp has its part in making a better way, here in North America, and around the world. And this winter, as death walks boldly across several continents, I want you to think about how this will happen.

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December 2001


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