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     A listing of all issues of The Hemp Commerce & Farming Report and The Hemp Report from Volume 1, Issue 1, May 1999 to Volume 4, Issue 20, Spring 2003. Includes a table of contents for each issue.

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     Selected links to breaking hemp news from online mainstream and alternative media from the past 30 days. For news links older than 30 days please see our Hemp News Archives.

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     Selected links to current hemp news from online mainstream and alternative media as well as stories older than 30 days. For current news links, and faster page loading, please see our Hemp News Headlines.

Recipe Index
     Original recipes featuring the use of hemp seed and oil. Recipes include Apple Oat Cakes, Baklava, Banana Hemp Nut Cake, and the very popular Crunchy Granola.

The Hemp Report, Fall 2001, Volume 3, Issue 18, Table of Contents

The Hemp Report, Winter 2002, Volume 4, Issue 19, Table of Contents

The Hemp Report, Spring 2003, Volume 4, Issue 20, AgFibe 2002

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