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Volume 2, Issue 14, October 2000 ISSN 1488-3988

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1) New! Company Profiles:
The Merry Hempsters: Hemp products good for the Body, Mind & Soul
Hemp Oil Canada: Hemp Oil Canada Inc. launches new hemp food and hemp bodycare product lines

2) Top of the Crop:
Woody wins; goes nonwood
Canada's magic mirror: the reverse embargo
Hemp clothing seized in France

Taking the Go Out of Embargo Analysis and Insight by Dr. Sumach
More on Hemp Beer By Dr. Sumach

3) America!:
Nader's third way Releases "Hemp Friendly" Voter Guide
By Eric Steenstra
US State Legislation Update: 2000 By John Howell
DEA Raid Pine Ridge: Hemp Lost
The United States now has more prisoners than farmers·
American Beauty:
DEA threat moving slow, meet, Hawaii celebrates and much more

4) Hempseed and Hemp Foods:
Hempseed Oil: A Smart Start By Kelly Smith
The Nutritional properties of Hempseed Oil By Kelley Fitzpatrick
Book Review The Hempnut ™ Health and Cookbook Review by Dr. Sumach
Hempseed Considered Effective Medication against Tuberculosis in Prewar Czechoslovakia

5) Agriculture:
Brant County Hemp Mission to Germany By Doug Albin
Hemp Essential Oil: Sweet Smell of Success By Dr. Sumach
The Very Last Word on CGP·
Low THC Breeding Project Underway
Rodale Institute releases Farm Systems Trial (FST) Study
By Jason Freeman
Two Abstracts for Bioresource Hemp 2000 By Gordon Scheifele

6) NEW!Fibre Front:
Daimler Chrysler Expands Use of Natural Fibres in Automotive Components
Kafus' Directors Resign: company files for bankruptcy

Johnson Controls Excited about Hemp, Natural Fibres
Management Change at Fibrex Québec

Hemp and the Open Directory Project By industrialhemp
Japanese Hemp Distributors
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Upcoming Events:
October 26-29, 2000: CHFA Expo East, Toronto, Ontario
October 29-30, 2000: Nutraceutical & Functional Foods Update, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
November 2-4, 2000: North American Industrial Hemp Council, Annual Meeting and Conference 2000, Rosemont, Illinois
November 9-11, 2000: Alberta Horticulture Congress and Prairie West Trade Show, Edmonton, Alberta
January 26-28, 2001: 20th Annual Organic Conference, Guelph, Ontario

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Welcome back to our first issue in two months -- our first issue as a bimonthly and also our first under our new moniker The Hemp Report. As promised, we have a definite "good read" for you this issue with full sections on Food, Fibre and Agriculture: be sure to check out the many developments in hemp and in related industries. Now, being bi-monthly we do not hope to be the "first" with the news, but we aim to create a unbeatable mix of benchmark news reporting, informed opinion and good research. I know it will take a bit before we get our new formula down, so keep us posted with your feedback.

Some anticipated changes haven't happened here. As I wrote last issue this publication was poised to become part of a "broader communications concept." Well, the future never develops the way you think it will. Put simply, the fit wasn't quite right, so Hemp Report remains a stand alone publication.

Fall 2000: developments in Canada continue to be spotty. There is as much good news as ill, to be blunt. I am cheered when I hear of rising sales for hemp products or one of our governments' agencies giving out a deserving grant -- and then I catch wind of another farmer who hasn't been paid, or of a business relationship souring because of financial stress.

And then I hear about Health Canada's new policy on hemp imports: legal hemp product, sold to Americans as "THC-free", is now required to be tested again for THC before it can come back into our country if it is manufactured into a finished product.


I hit the roof. Yes, I know it's not really a new regulation. And yes, we don't know for sure that the hemp used is our hemp. And yes, there are the regulations that must be referred to and indexed against. Pardon my loss of patience, but sometimes it's hard to keep your cool when you run up against the logic of planet Ottawa. Just what are they afraid of? We are talking about soap! This latest development is extremely disappointing and hopefully, it will be sorted out to all parties' satisfaction soon.

Just keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

In the US the hemp world is still refreshingly cast in black and white. South of the border, there's been many dramatic developments as the 2000 election plays out. Thanks to the gutsy Nader campaign and all their allies, hemp seems to be creating some kind of momentum. Check out our America! section in this issue for more.

My road trip east: In September I travelled to Ontario where I was a guest at the Hemp Industries Association Convention, and a joint guest of both HIA and the Ontario Hemp Alliance at the Outdoor Farm Show, held at Woodstock, Ontario. I found both events to be extremely worthwhile: HIA was a great opportunity to meet with our American partners, relax and talk hemp in an informal atmosphere. A lot of stories were seeded at that show, and you'll find then sprinkled through this issue and in future ones.

If you're looking for a full review/wrap up of the HIA convention check out:

At Woodstock, it was interesting to see the Hemp Tent slipped into an area holding both the Biotechnology Expo AND The Organic Tent (buffered though they were by the Alternate Energy Pavilion) and surrounded by acres full of demo crops (LOTS of corn) and space age farm machinery.

Hemp may still be a tiny industry, but the public interest belies its size. Three years old now, the OFS Hemp Tent continues to be one of the best draws of Canada's largest ag show. This industry has a future: just get the product to the people -- they love the story we are all making.

Just a few words about the Ontario Hemp Alliance. I'm working with them as their newsletter editor, and we've produced one edition to date. Now, me working out of Regina may seem to be a bit of an odd fit, but to really get this industry going forward, we need greater co-operation between all provinces and regional groups. It's high time to start building a national framework. As a media & communications vehicle for hemp, the Hemp Report/HCFR has functioned as a "virtual association" since May of 1999, and we will support efforts from responsible stakeholders to build an inclusive organisation coast-to-coast. I am encouraged by the OHA's vision to date, so when you are done this web magazine check out their web site -- but not until you're done with ours!

I'll think I'll leave it to you then. Enjoy the issue, and thank you again for reading the Hemp Report.

Arthur Hanks
October 2000
Regina, Saskatchewan


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