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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Weetabix House 

The Foundry
The Foundry Under Construction - Green Light Trust

     One of the enjoyable things about surfing for hemp news are the things that you come across from other countries. The word hemp pops up all kinds of hits in England - from carp fishing to cricket. The stories The Weetabix House in The Times and Suffolk Green Building Wins An Award in the Green Building Press are about The Foundry, headquarters of the Green Light Trust, a Suffolk based environmental charity.

     The Eastern Region of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA East) has awarded The Foundry first place in the Sustainability category in their Annual Awards.

     The Times wrote: "Another intriguing locally sourced material is the hemp and lime block. The blocks, which look similar to mini straw bales, are used for insulation as well as contributing to the carbon-negative factor because hemp absorbs carbon dioxide. Some of the blocks in the lobby walls were left exposed, which led to the project being nicknamed 'the Weetabix House'."

     For those not in the know Weetabix is a breakfast cereal somewhat like Shredded Wheat. I remember my grandfather eating the stuff on mornings when it was too warm for his regular oatmeal.

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