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Thursday, January 26, 2006

International Hemp Association 


It is once again the sign up season for the International Hemp Association. The invitation posted below was sent out today to prospective members and we thought that it would be appropriate to extend this invitation to all of you as well. You can get the Journal of Industrial Hemp directly from Haworth Press, but we at The Hemp Report encourage people and companies to join this important organization directly and get the Journal as one of the many benefits.


Please click here to download the
2006 International Hemp Association Membership Application Form. (PDF file 88K)


Tom Murphy
The Hemp Report

International Hemp Association
Dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis
through the dissemination of information

A message from the International Hemp Association

We would like to take this opportunity to formally invite you to join the International Hemp Association (IHA) and subscribe to our official publication the "Journal of Industrial Hemp" (JIH) at a discount of 15–35%.

The IHA is a member-supported, non-profit educational organization dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis through the dissemination of information. In support of this goal the IHA in Amsterdam and Haworth Press in New York publish the JIH twice annually.

The JIH contains peer-reviewed scientific and popular articles concerning legal uses of Cannabis. We welcome submissions from a wide range of disciplines such as agronomy, chemistry, ecology, economics and markets, history, ethnology, geography, genetic resources and breeding, physiology, phytopathology, applications and product development, appropriate technology, hemp collectables and current events. We also include conference announcements and reviews, book reviews, museum and regional reports. The JIH is a forum for expanded discussions of scientific topics not available in other journals today. Some authors may wish to publish initially in specialty journals, but definitive review articles and original research with expanded results are particularly welcomed by the JIH.

The first "Journal of Industrial Hemp" of 2006 (Volume 11, Number 1) will feature peer-reviewed articles on fibre hemp agronomy and variety trials. Results presented in "Hemp and flax biomass and fibre production and linseed yield in irrigated Mediterranean conditions" by Jaume Lloveras, Francisca Santiver and Gil Gorchs suggest that in the irrigated conditions of the Ebro Valley, Spain hemp seems a more appropriate crop than flax for the pulp paper industry, although in order to obtain higher yields earlier sowing and longer cycle varieties should be studied.

"Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) trials in southern Sweden 1999-2001" by B. Svennerstedt and G. Svensson presents results from the first fibre hemp experiments carried out in Sweden since the 1960s. Results from hemp experiments in European countries indicate that long day conditions may be beneficial for the fibre content and quality of hemp. The long day conditions during summer in Sweden are therefore of interest. Robert C. Clarke summarizes the history of hemp cultivation and traditional use in the Republic of Korea and investigates the cultivation and processing techniques currently being employed to produce hemp ribbon and seed and weave hemp textiles. Comparisons are also drawn to hemp production in Europe, China and Vietnam. In the Collections Corner column, Don E Wirtshafter describes a fascinating "Hemp for Victory Era" salesman’s kit that includes many samples of American hemp products of historical research interest; while The Wide Wild World of Hemp column presents a recent history of the hempen apparel industry by Kenyon Gibson. Drs. John M. McPartland and Karl W. Hillig host the "Cannabis clinic" column featuring a series of color photos of fungus morphology and symptoms of the white leaf spot fungus as well as suggesting methods of control. "Hemp Foods in North America: Status and Joint Industry Research" by Gero Leson summarizes past and present hemp seed production in Canada and describes the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) with their overall joint R&D agenda. Robert C. Clarke takes us on a tour highlighting three local museums in northern Nagano Prefecture, Japan that feature comprehensive displays of hemp cultivation and processing and also reviews "Cannabis Britannica" by James H. Mills. Franjo Grotenhermen reviews "The Medical Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids" edited by G.W. Guy, B. Whittle and P. Robson. Don’t miss out on your copy. Subscribe today! The IHA is a member service organization staffed by volunteers. We try to answer all requests for Cannabis information. However, we always attend to the needs of our members first.

It is now time to join the IHA for 2006. We encourage JIH subscribers to also join the IHA and receive the additional satisfaction of supporting Cannabis education. Membership fees are used to pay for journals and support office expenses. In addition, IHA members receive a substantial discount over direct subscribers. Businesses should join as sustaining members and will be listed under their business name in our membership directory, available upon request.

All 2006 IHA members will receive two issues of the JIH at a reduced price:

Students 30 Euros or 35 US$ (35% Discount for IHA members)

Individuals 40 Euros or 45 US$ (15% Discount for IHA members)

Businesses/Institutions 75 Euros or 85 US$ (25% Discount for IHA members)

Contact David Watson and Janet Erisman at iha@euronet.nl for additional membership information.

Libraries and agencies should contact Haworth Press directly to enquire about rates.

The JIH will begin Volume 11 in 2006. JIH back issues are not posted on the web. However, the first six volumes (12 issues) of the "Journal of the International Hemp Association" JIHA can be viewed by going to: http://mojo.calyx.net./~olsen/HEMP/IHA/iha.html or by searching for "International Hemp Association" at Google.com.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

************************************************************************ **
"Dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis,
through the dissemination of information."

The International Hemp Association
Postbus 75007
1070 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel/Fax: +31-20-618-8758

(The IHA is a for members, non-profit, member-supported,
unpaid volunteer organization.)
************************************************************************ **

posted by Tom  # 11:22 AM
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