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Grow a Field of Paper Hemp T-shirt
artwork by poster artist Jim Pollock

Grow a Field

Proceeds from donations will expand the hemp market and support Lakota Hemp Sovereignty.

$25 + $5 shipping and handling

We accept US checks, US money orders,
Canadian Postal Money Orders in US funds,

Payable to HIA and send to:
Post Office Box 1080
Occidental, CA 95465

Or Use Pay Pal online to: thehia.org

Or Use Visa and Mastercard
Call or fax the HIA office:
Phone: 707-874-3648, Fax: 707-874-1104

email: info@thehia.org

Pollock Tshirt also available on the HIA website - Merchandise Section http://www.thehia.org/merch/grow_tshirt.html

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