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NHL Great - Bernie Nicholls - Joins the Hempola Team

October 18, 2003

For Immediate Release

NHL Great - Bernie Nicholls - Joins the Hempola Team

Barrie, Canada.

"These products are too good to be true; the nutrition and everything... they speak for themselves." These are comments made by recently retired National Hockey League star, Bernie Nicholls. Born in West Guilford near Haliburton, Ontario, Bernie had a highly productive career in the NHL with his best season posting 150 points. He now resides in San Jose, California. Bernie's current venture will see him apply his high energies to skyrocket an emerging Canadian company producing healthy and delicious foods, cosmetics and supplements.

"I've had numerous discussions with Kelly Smith and Greg Herriott, the owners of Hempola; and the people I know who we've talked to are all really pumped. This is going to take off," states Nicholls. Close friend and NHL team mate Joe Murphy introduced Bernie to Hempola in June, 2003. Bernie Nicholls is now playing on a team which stands for health, nutrition, sports performance and the environment. "What a great project to focus your energies on," says Nicholls with a gleam in his eyes. This coming weekend the Canadian Health Food Association show is being held in Toronto. Hempola's display will be there and Bernie too, to answer questions, sign autographs and create excitement.

Hempola Valley Farms, Canada's first dedicated commercial hemp farm, with its brand name HEMPOLA(tm); grows, performs research and development, manufactures and markets Canadian grown hemp seed and hemp seed oil products through national distributors throughout Canada and the U.S. Hempola hemp seed derivative products include food, vitamins and supplements, personal care, bulk ingredients and industrial. Product and company information may be obtained by visiting www.hempola.com or by calling 1-800-240-9215.

For more information, please contact Greg Herriott at HEMPOLA... 416-587-1446.

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Bernie Nicholls

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