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Salad Dressings Rich in Omega 3... New and Improved From Hempola.

Hempola Dressings

June 16, 2004

For Immediate Release

Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Immediately following the successful completion of its organic certification, Hempola Inc. has re-launched its award winning salad dressings with special emphasis on the unique and very healthy Omega 3 content.

A great amount of attention has been paid to Omega 3 essential fatty acids and their performance as functional food and nutraceuticals. Studies reveal health benefits from Omega 3s relating to heart disease, weight loss and stroke. Now family doctors may prescribe a test to determine levels of Omega 3 in human blood (refer to www.mdsdx.com/MDS_Diagnostic_Services/News/MDSNews11270301.asp for more details).

"Hempola oil is the perfect ingredient for Omega 3 products like salad dressings," states Kelly Smith, head of product development at Hempola, "it's a very rich source of Omega 3, it has a delightful flavor and most importantly, with all its naturally occurring anti-oxidants, it is the only Omega 3 oil which stays fresh and healthy for many, many months."

With so much emphasis now on eliminating trans-fatty acids and searching for healthy alternatives when it comes to fats and oils, Hempola has the answer to liven up salads in a very healthy way. Flavors include: Honey Dijon, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Caesar.

Hempola Inc., with its brand name HEMPOLA(tm) develops, manufactures and markets hemp seed and hemp seed oil products through national distributors throughout Canada and the U.S. Hempola hemp seed derivative products include functional food, vitamins and supplements, personal care, bulk ingredients and industrial. Product and company information may be obtained by visiting www.hempola.com or by calling 1-800-240-9215.

For more information, please contact Greg Herriott at HEMPOLA... 416-587-1446. Web site: www.hempola.com.

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