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Monday, November 3, 2003

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Dr. Bronner's Bar, 8 and 32 oz. Soaps Now Made with Organic Oils!

Also Introducing Gertrude & Bronner's Magic Alpsnack!

Dr. Bronner's has at last sourced well-priced organic oils that meet our rigorous quality control and supply requirements. By keeping our margins as tight as possible, we are providing our bar, 8 oz. and 32 oz. soaps at a great price with all soap and essential oils certified organic by Oregon Tilth under the USDA's rigorous food standards. They are made with organic coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils, and most are scented with organic essential oils. They contain no synthetics, no petrochemicals and no floral water fluff. All cylinder bottles are now made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), a marketplace first pioneered by Dr. Bronner's. The bar soaps are wrapped in Living Tree Paper's Vanguard Recycled Plus 10% HempFlax / 90% PCR paper.

Dr. Bronner's sources all core soap and essential oils organically, not just minor additive ingredients, in order to support and encourage sustainable agriculture, farm-worker health and ecological processing methods. We know that customers have a high level of trust in the principles behind the word "organic" and do not want to see it rendered as meaningless as the word "natural". However, some so-called "natural" body care manufacturers are green-washing their products with organic label claims, even though their formulations are largely based on the same synthetic surfactants and preservatives found in mainstream products. They do so by adding organic floral water composed mostly of ordinary distilled water from steam to conventional surfactants and preservatives. "Organic" should not become another empty, feel-good marketing buzz-word! Dr. Bronner's is supporting the Organic Consumers Association's "Coming Clean" campaign, and we are asking our customers to take action on behalf of strong organic standards by signing the OCA's petition and clicking a pre-written letter to the USDA at: http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/ For the rest of the year, 10% of all our web store sales will be given to the OCA (visit: www.drbronner.com).

Gertrude and Bronner's Magic Alpsnack

The Bronner Family is committed to help transition our major industries away from polluting, unsustainable materials and methods to cleaner, sustainable ones. To that end, the Bronner family has partnered with Gertrude Spindler and is pleased to introduce Gertrude & Bronner's Magic Alpsnack, a certified organic nutrition bar made with organic hemp nuts, almonds and fruits, that is dairy, gluten and wheat free, with over 500 mg omega-3. Gertrude's mother made nutritious nut and fruit bars similar to Alpsnack in the Swiss village of Cham during the difficult post-WWII famine years. Hemp nut is the shelled seed from industrial hemp (non-psychoactive cannabis grown for fiber and seed) and is an ancient food source that supplies high amounts of omega-3 fatty acid and easily digestible, well-balanced protein. Responsible North American hemp companies created the TestPledge program to assure consumers that eating hemp foods will not interfere with workplace drug-testing (see www.TestPledge.com). Hemp's excellent fiber can replace virgin timber pulp in paper, glass fiber in construction and automotive composites, and pesticide intensive cotton in textiles. The Bronner family is supporting Vote Hemp (www.VoteHemp.org) and the Hemp Industries Association's (HIA, www.theHIA.org) legal, media, grassroots and lobbying efforts to recommercialize industrial hemp; Dr. Bronner's President David Bronner is an active key board member of both organizations. All profits from all Alpsnack sales are devoted to industrial hemp advocacy. Available now online at www.alpsnack.com.

Social Responsibility

The over 30,000 words spread across all the soap labels were Emanuel Bronner's life work of searching every religion and philosophy for "Full Truths" that can be summed up in two beautiful sentences: 1) Constructive capitalism is where you share the profit with the workers and the Earth from which you made it! 2) We are all sisters and brothers and we should take care of each other and Spaceship Earth! In total over the last five years since Dr. Bronner's passing, our charitable gifting to social and environmental causes has roughly matched total after-tax income. Total compensation of executives is capped at five times that of our lowest-paid position. Employees annually receive 15% of salary paid into a retirement/profit-sharing plan, up to 25% of salary as a bonus, and a no-deductible PPO health insurance plan for themselves and their families.


Please visit www.drbronner.com and www.alpsnack.com. To arrange interviews, please call Adam Eidinger at 202-744-2671 (cell).

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