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The Vote Hemp Report Now Available



After a huge effort on the part of Vote Hemp board members working with Arthur Hanks of the Hemp Report and various industry experts, the comprehensive 2002/2003 Vote Hemp Report printed on Living Tree Paper's hemp content paper has arrived. The 28-page newsletter summarizes industrial hemp's progress in various seed and fiber markets, and details the current state of hemp in North America. It is a great educational tool which covers the gamut of hemp markets and features ads from many of North America's top hemp companies.

The report discusses:

- why voters should support allowing farmers to grow hemp for industry;

- recent state legislative efforts in support of hemp farming;

- the nutritional benefits of hemp seed, nut and oil;

- hemp as an environmentally sustainable feedstock for bio-composites, paper and ethanol production; and

- the progress of the hemp industry in Canada and Europe.

The report also features statements from former Kentucky Governor Louie Nunn and Hawaii State Representative Cynthia Thielen, as well as an interview with North Dakota State Representative Dave Monson.

To download a PDF copy of the entire report or certain excerpts, go to our special Vote Hemp Report web page http://www.VoteHemp.com/report.html . Vote Hemp encourages you to distribute this report (or the link) far and wide to all your friends, family and colleagues. Help us educate and inform.

We also want everyone receiving this email to hold a copy of the Vote Hemp Report in their hands and feel the beautiful hemp content paper. The report is a wonderful and effective way to educate yourself and others about industrial hemp. Get your hard copy today by making a minimum donation of $5 to Vote Hemp. We encourage you to send a copy with a cover letter to all your elected state and federal officials. We make it easy.

If you cannot afford to donate anything towards the cost of producing and distributing this amazing report, you may also send us your request for FREE copies. Please detail your plan for distributing them and state how many copies you would like. We want this report to be read widely, and you can help.

Please find out more about the 2002/2003 Vote Hemp Report at our special web page, where you can download the report and copy a cover letter, request hard copies, and more. Just click here: http://www.VoteHemp.com/report.html

We look forward to hearing from you regarding the Vote Hemp Report and especially appreciate any efforts you make to use it in educating your local farmers and elected representatives.

Thanks for your help and support,

The Vote Hemp Board

PS - Our design team at Cosmic Egg Studios worked hard to make the Vote Hemp Report look great. They can do the same for your ad, publication or web site. Contact eric@cosmiceggstudios.com if you are interested in their services.

We also want to thank Living Tree for their generous donation of paper for this project and recommend that you try some of their paper which is now available at Staples stores nationwide or on the Staples web site.

For more check out: http://LivingTreePaper.comhttp://LivingTreePaper.com

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