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Vote Hemp Voter Guide Now Available


At Vote Hemp, we provide tools to empower citizens like you to register to vote AND make the most informed choices when voting for your federally elected representatives. Last month, Vote Hemp sent a questionnaire to the candidates for the U.S. Senate and House, asking whether they supported allowing U.S. farmers to grow industrial hemp. Vote Hemp has compiled the responses received to date in the 2002 Vote Hemp Voter Guide.

Simply go to http://www.VoteHemp.com/voterguide.html and then select your state to review the positions of your candidates on hemp.

After viewing the guide there are several things you can do to help. First, we encourage you to contact the candidates from your state (both Senators and the Congressman who represents your area of the state) and tell them either: you appreciate their support, you wonder why they still have not taken a position on the issue, OR you disagree with them if they oppose. Second, we ask you to print out the Voter Guide for your state and distribute it to all your friends and family or to ask them to visit our web site and search for themselves.

We believe that any candidate who supports industrial hemp in the face of the widespread ignorance and fear in Washington today deserves your serious consideration in the 2002 mid-term elections. Due to time and resource constraints, we have not listed the Green and Libertarian candidates, who universally support domestic hemp farming and industry, and who all deserve your serious consideration when the time comes to cast your vote.

For more information on Libertarian or Green candidates, please visit their web sites at:

There are quite a few "fence-sitters" listed in the guide who are not explicitly opposed to hemp farming and processing, but who have not chosen to support it either. These fence-sitters will require extra effort to educate. We at Vote Hemp will continue to educate these candidates, but nothing works as well as a thoughtful letter from a constituent. When we go into a meeting with a Congressional staffer and that Congressperson's office has received constituent letters supporting industrial hemp, the meeting is always more productive. Contact information for all candidates is provided on the Voter Guide, and a sample letter and more details on each member of Congress can be found at our Action Alert center: http://www.capwiz.com/VoteHemp/

We look forward to hearing from you regarding the Vote Hemp Report and especially appreciate any efforts you make to educate your elected representatives and candidates. To make a donation to support Vote Hemp's ongoing efforts go to: http://www.votehemp.com/contribute.html

Thanks for your help and support,

The Vote Hemp Board

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