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NATIONAL HEMP LOBBY DAY - October 2nd, 2002
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September 26, 2002

*** NATIONAL HEMP LOBBY DAY - October 2nd, 2002 ***

Vote Hemp Supporters and Friends of Industrial Hemp,

HEMP LOBBY DAY is Wednesday, October 2nd Attendees of the 9th Annual Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Convention will be meeting with Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss the steps needed to re-authorize industrial hemp farming in the USA.

We realize that everyone can't make it to DC so please CALL, FAX, or EMAIL your Senators and Representative on 10/2/02 and let them know that you support allowing US farmers to grow industrial hemp just like farmers in Canada and Europe. If you have the time, you can also arrange a visit with staffers at the district office in your area.

You can get their address and phone number at:
Just enter your zip code in the ELECTED OFFICIALS box and click GO.

There is a LETTER ONLINE ready to send by just clicking and entering your name.
(Enter your zip code - Write your elected official.)

This is what we will be saying to our Representatives:

1) Congress pass legislation to differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana. As Dr. David West always says, "It's in the SEED." A low-THC cannabis seed will ONLY produce a low-THC plant. There IS a difference. It CANNOT get you high. If the Canadian mounties and British bobbies can tell the difference, why can't US law enforcement? Fourteen states have passed bills or resolutions supporting allowing farmers to grow hemp and the National Conference of State Legislatures passed a resolution asking Congress and the President to change the law to allow it.

2) The USDA - US Department of Agriculture should be the regulator, as they are for every other commodity crop. (Not the DEA.) Industrial Hemp for Fiber, Food, and Fuel. $$$ for our Farmers. Improve our soil, air and water quality.

Please mark your calendar and make HEMP LOBBY DAY a day to remember!
October 2, 2002


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