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FIELD II : Community Cultivation HEMP FESTIVAL
Saskatchewan Hemp Association News Release

FIELD II : Community Cultivation HEMP FESTIVAL

Come and get lost in the field on August 10, 2002

July 16, Regina -- On August 10, 2002, the Saskatchewan Hemp Association is hosting our annual festival in a hemp field. This is a casual, fun event that brings city and country together in an eclectic mix of education, discovery and culture.

This year's Festival will start at 2 pm in the afternoon and will go until the festival is over.

Festival Features:

Music Mainstage:

Late Night:


Advance tickets are $15 ($20 at the door, Aug 10th) and are available at:

Field II is a nonprofit event. Proceeds to benefit the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate's (SOD) Organic Protection Fund, CJTR 91.3 FM Community Radio, the SHA, and our hardworking performing artists.

What is this Hemp Thing?
Industrial hemp is a source of incredible food and strong renewable fibres for clothing, paper and industry. Grown worldwide, hemp is playing a role in creating more environmentally-friendly farming and manufacturing. The Saskatchewan Hemp Association works with interested farmers, companies, and researchers to reintroduce this crop to the province and work towards a sustainable future. This event is just one way to celebrate hemp, learn more about it and have some summer fun.

Where is Field II?
This year our hemp has been planted in a transitional organic field a short safe ride from Regina. We have 10 acres of crop planted for your enjoyment --- the plants are heading into fast growth and promise to become a formidable prairie forest in time for the festival. Last year, festival attendees enjoyed being surrounded by 7 foot tall hemp plants --- a unique visceral experience.

Location and maps:
Maps to Field II will be distributed by all ticket vendors, the SHA office, and on the web at www.saskhemp.com/field2002.html by August 1st. Please stay tuned.

Field II is an all weather, all ages, common sense event.

For more information on the web see www.saskhemp.com/field2002.html

Or call Arthur Hanks
Saskatchewan Hemp Association (SHA)
Regina, SK, Canada
arthur@saskhemp.com www.saskhemp.com

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