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Give the gift of health - hemp milk!

Hemp Milk

Still looking for a unique and distinctive holiday gift?

Ruth's Hemp Foods is now a proud distributor of an easy-to-use machine that lets you make your own Hemp Milk.

Add just 1/2 cup of Ruth's certified organic SoftHemp™ (shelled hemp seed) to 1 1/2 litres of water, and 25 minutes later, voilà - 1 1/2 litres of hemp milk. So easy to have and enjoy fresh hemp milk! Drink it as is or add the sweetener of your choice. Use the milk as a base for smoothies, to make ice cream, or for adding to sauces.

This machine was originally made for soy, but we have made Hemp Milk out of it with great success. The milk is delicious, and retains the EFA characteristics that we all know and love about hemp. The machine is very economical and uses only a small amount of hemp to produce this great beverage. Just 1/2 cup of SoftHemp™ will make 1 1/2 litres.

We sell the machine with one lb. of SoftHemp, which will make over five 1 1/2-litre batches.

We had the hemp milk analysed in a lab, and found the following:

Nutrition Table

Of course, you can also use this awesome machine to make "milk" from soy, almonds, or other nuts or beans.

The Hemp Milk maker carries a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Just USD $165 or $249 CAD plus shipping. Includes 1 lb. certified organic SoftHemp™.

Contact us:

Ruth's HEMP FOODS Inc.

Email: info@ruthshempfoods.com
Web: http://www.ruthshempfoods.com

Tel: 416-588-4209
Fax: 416-588-4210

Ruth's Hemp Foods, Manufacturers of wonderful hemp Tortilla Chips, Salad Dressings, Certified Organic Oil, Energy Bars, Pasta, Wraps, Salsa & SoftHemp. And coming this spring: yummy hemp burgers!

Yours in Hemp and Health.

This release has been sent to you by Ruth's Hemp Foods, in arrangement with The Hemp Report, knowledge makers for North America's emerging industrial hemp sector.

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