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Chatelaine calls Ruth's Hemp Dressings one of Top Ten Health Buys
By Ruth Shamai

July 12, 2002

Chatelaine calls Ruth's Hemp Dressings one of Top Ten Health Buys In its August 2002 edition, Chatelaine, Canada's leading women's magazine, called Ruth's Hemp Dressings one of its Top Ten Health Buys.

Besides the taste attributes, Chatelaine was impressed the certified organic hemp oil that is the base of Ruth's Hemp Dressings. It consulted with Beth Mansfield, an Ottawa area dietitian and exercise specialist, who described the benefits of essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and 3 in helping to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. These polyunsaturated fats are "good" fats that are the primary component of hemp oil.

Ruth Shamai, president of Ruth's Hemp Foods was delighted. "To be acclaimed by a magazine with Chatelaine's stature is fantastic", said Ruth. "My aim with these dressings was to give people an easy and delicious way to get more Essential Fatty Acids in their diets. The Chatelaine feature told me that we've hit a bulls-eye!"

Ruth continued to say that all of her products are formulated to be at the juncture of great taste, maximum of amount of hemp and competitive price.

Chatelaine's lead was quickly followed by others. A few days after the magazine appeared on the newsstands, the host of Breakfast TV in Toronto was raving about the great taste of Ruth's dressings. Several leading retailers have confirmed they will be promoting the dressings for the duration of the summer.

Ruth's Balsamic Hemp Dressing was the winner of the Award of Excellence at the Canadian Fine Food Show in 2001, and her Hemp and Honey Mustard Dressing placed as a finalist at the same show, and also won a Silver medal at the Canadian Health Food show. In 2002, the Canadian Association of Specialty Foods bestowed finalist status on Ruth's Far East Hemp Dressing.

Ruth's Hemp Foods offers the most extensive line of hemp food available. They are manufactured in Canada from hemp contracted directly from certified organic farmers on the Canadian prairie. As well as salad dressings, Ruth's Hemp Foods manufacture hemp tortilla chips, hemp energy bars, certified organic hemp oil, SoftHemp™ (certified organic shelled hemp seed) and more. These foods are distributed nationally through supermarkets, health food and specialty food stores.

Product information is available at www.ruthshempfoods.com, or by calling Ruth Shamai at 416-588-4209.

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