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Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award for Larry Duprey

The Hemp Industries Association
is pleased to announce an

Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award
Larry Duprey, The Hemp Club

December 7, 1993 was the date of Larry's first hemp sale. He went on to open his store in Montreal, Quebec in July, 1995, after joining the HIA in February of that year. Larry has served as an HIA Director and International Vice President longer than any other member. His company, The Hemp Club has been a model of hemp activism and entrepreneurial genius. Acting as co-host for two HIA Conventions, Larry brought interested American hempsters to the hemp fields of Ontario. Larry is retiring from the HIA Board this year and we want to thank him for his dedication to and patience with our growing trade group. Larry will have his hands full as a Director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, and we wish him well in all his hemp endeavors. He is a treasured friend and we know we will rely on him as an advisor in the years to come. Thanks Larry!
C. Penn, HIA Executive Director
Hemp Industries Association
PO Box 1080, Occidental, CA 95465
Tel: 707 874 3648 Fax: 707 874 1104
Email: info@thehia.org

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