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Flax Seed Prices Skyrocket Due to Drought -- Hemp Now a Better Option
By Greg Herriott, greg@hempola.com

For Immediate Release

28 October 2002

Flax Seed Prices Skyrocket Due to Drought -- Hemp Now a Better Option.

To most health enthusiasts, flax seed oil is a staple in their diets. Flax oil is demanded for its abundance of "good fats" or essential fatty acids or as many know them by: Omega 3 and 6. For many flax eaters, the recent drought in the Canadian prairies is very bad news... flax prices are doubling and in some cases tripling! And this means flax oil is as well. Hemp seed oil just may be the better option today.

Kelly Smith, Co-founder of Hempola has been touting hemp's superiority for years; since 1995 to be exact. "Hemp oil is the richest source of Omegas (the good fats)... 80 percent concentration. These Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids also need to be properly balanced. Hemp oil has the closest balance to that found in human body chemistry. Flax oil is imbalanced and goes rancid very quickly. Hemp on the other hand stays fresh much longer because it has naturally occurring antioxidants." As for flavour and taste, "ask many of the chefs we work with. Most people have a hard time swallowing flax. Hemp oil is truly gourmet."

Smith goes on to comment, "since we introduced Hempola cold pressed hemp seed oil in 1995, we've really struggled with price competition. Now, not only is hemp superior in taste and nutrition, it's also a lower price."

Health enthusiasts do not necessarily have to pay more, simply switch to hemp.

Hempola Valley Farms with its brand name HEMPOLA(tm) grows, manufactures and markets Canadian grown hemp seed and hemp seed oil products through national distributors throughout Canada and the U.S. and is a leading dedicated developer and marketer of hemp seed derivative products for food, vitamins and supplements, personal care, bulk ingredients and industrial products. Product information and recipes may be obtained by visiting www.hempola.com or by calling 1-800-240-9215.

For more information, please contact Greg Herriott at HEMPOLA... 1-800-240-9215.

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