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Best Snack in the Western Hemisphere
By Shaun Crew, Hemp Oil Canada Inc.

Press Release - December 13, 2002
Miami Beach, Florida

At the 5th Annual "America's Food & Beverage Show", which took place at the Miami Beach Convention Centre on December 4th & 5th, Hemp Oil Canada was awarded the "Best Snack in the Western Hemisphere" for their Hemp Nuggets™ brand of hulled hemp seed.

The Hemp Nuggets™ brand of hulled hemp seed was chosen by a distinguished panel of judges including both food and restaurant critics from the state of Florida based on it's packaging, taste, versatility and uniqueness.

Shaun Crew, President & Founder of Hemp Oil Canada commented,"We are extremely pleased to accept this award and recognition from the World Trade Center Miami and the America's Food & Beverage Show for this superior, nutritious food product."

Hemp Oil Canada produces Hemp Nuggets™ brand of hulled hemp seed in 56g and 113g (2oz and 4 oz) attractive standup foil pouches. In addition, Hemp Oil Canada is the largest bulk wholesale supplier of hulled hemp seeds in North America, distributing to a wide range of other value-added manufactuers. Hemp Nuggets™ brand of hulled hemp seed is certified Kosher and available as Certified Organic (Pro-Cert/ USDA approved) in addition to the standard conventional product.

For more information, contact Hemp Oil Canada at tel: (204) 275-7616 or email at info@hempoilcan.com


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