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Sexy Ganja, the New All-Natural Hemp-Based Lubricating Gel
Canolio News Release

Sexy Ganja

Canolio, recently launched Sexy Ganja a lubricating gel created using the HomeoSativa process and combining homeopathic techniques with the use of hemp oil. Sexy Ganja offers all the therapeutic benefits of hemp along with the numerous advantages of using a lubricating gel.

Sexy Ganja jelly is made with hemp oil cultivated without herbicides or pesticides and low in THC, in accordance with Health Canada norms for therapeutic products. It contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, antioxidants and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E, all of which contribute to slowing down the degeneration of cell membranes. It is interesting to note that Omega 3 acids increase surface circulation on the skin, which can contribute to improving erection strength.

Thus, in addition to providing intense moisturizing for the genitals upon application, Sexy Ganja has the long-term effect of preserving the skin's natural moisturizing system.

Unlike other products on the market, a single application of Sexy Ganja maintains lubrication for twenty minutes. Sexy Ganja is not sticky and does not leave an unpleasant film on the skin. The lubricated surface feels clean and softer to the touch.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Sexy Ganja personal lubricant represent a great advantage for those with sensitive skin or who have developed allergies to traditional, petroleum-based jellies. Sexy Ganja is suitable for all skin types; its soothing properties are particularly appreciated by individuals suffering from eczema or minor skin irritations.

Since it is water-based and created using a homeopathic process, Sexy Ganja is suitable for use with condoms. It is important to note, however, that it is not a contraceptive lubricant.

Offered in 100-gram tubes, Sexy Ganja can be used daily. It is water-based, non-greasy, tasteless and fragrance-free. It also will not stain sheets.

Sexy Ganja is available for $9.99 in all Jean Coutu pharmacies, select Brunet and Uniprix pharmacies, select Métro grocery stores and most health food and erotic stores.

TESTIMONIALS - The Pleasures of Sexy Ganja Lubricating Gel

Available in Canada, the US and Europe at over 600 points of sale, Sexy Ganja lubricating gel garners high praises from its users:

"It's easy to apply with a condom and provides exceptional lubrication, with no odour or taste. A very good product." Isabelle, 35, Vancouver, British Columbia.

"It's the Cadillac of lubricants. It isn't sticky; it's just liquid enough. Sexy Ganja is an excellent product." Yvon, 30, Montreal, Quebec.

"It's the real thing!" Karim Clark, August 2002, Toronto, Ontario.

"It's amazing, no taste, beautiful texture, excellent product." 9th Gay & Lesbian Trade Show, March 2002, New York, New York.

Web site: http://www.canolio.com
email: Info@Canolio.com

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