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Hemp Pictures July 24, 2002

We went out in the afternoon, just in time for our daily rain storm. This summer has been very unusual in that we've been blessed with abundant precipitation, unlike most of the province which is having a bad crop year. It's very unusual for Regina to be like this; anyhow, I am guessing as I write this a few weeks later that this may be in fact one of the better looking crops in the province. Highest recorded point was about 4 1/2 feet.

Not like me, there's a real ugly picture of me in the mix. My hemp redneck look. anyhow I was grumpy as I was trying to catch the lighting with this Kodak but no such luck. Can't plan those things anyhow.

The storm lasted about 30 minutes then the sun came out. These plants are spoilt.

While we were there, we were astounded to see seed forming and flowering begin, given the relative youth of the crop (5 weeks); but as hemp is photoperiod sensitive, its the right time. Since this crop was planted late, I imagine grain yield will not be so good in the end.

I checked up some more on our cultivar (USO14) . Manitoba agriculture -- who have a lot of good info on hemp that's easy to get to online -- call it an early cultivar. So there we go.

See http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/crops/hemp/bko01s00.html for a lot of factual information on hemp.

Anyhow, after a half hour, we picked up and got back to the city, only 22 km away. The car (Duane's car) is one of those diesel engine VW's. More pix (July 31) tomorrow.


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