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BioHemp Technologies Ltd.: North America's largest supplier of certified organic hempseed products, including Mum's Original, Canada's favourite certified organic hempseed oil. Now in over 130 locations nation-wide! Wholesale quantities available to cosmetic and food manufacturers.

Check out our web site at:, Ph: 306-337-4367, email:

Market Development Special
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With this year's wrap-up edition of The Hemp Report, we have sought to profile some of the many new (and perhaps overlooked products) that have hit the shelves this year. If you are not listed here, and think you should be, get in touch with us at Let us know more about you.

(Note: all claims made do not reflect endorsement by The Hemp Report)


BioHemp Technologies

BioHemp commercialised their first 3 products last April at the Canadian Health Food Associations Expo West under the brand name "Mum's Original". These products included hempseed oil, flour, and oil in gel capsules. Since then BioHemp has added 4 new products to the "Mum's" line: hempseed oil in 1litre bottles, 8oz packages of Hulled hempseed and 8oz packages of toasted hempseeds with or without added sea-salt.

All our products are certified organic. BioHemp also sells all the above products in bulk to food and cosmetic manufacturers plus organic hempseed meal for the animal feed market.

BioHemp Technologies, Regina, Saskatchewan, 306-546-2508,


Canolio Cosmétiques

Beauty through Health, Traditional ways, Today's products: Canolio bodycare products are made with pure virgin Hempseed oil, which has a unique and rich EFA (essential fatty acids) profile. These EFA's, or good oils are vital for maintaining healthy skin. Canolio offers a Foamy Hemp Bath Oil, a Hemp Body Milk, a Hemp Massage Oil and Hemp & Orange Symbiosis Soap bar.

Canolio Cosmétiques, Saint-Laurent, Québec, Tel: 514-748-4367,

Cree Industries

Because of the amount of biomass produced in any Hemp growing operation I became involved in machinery which can compact this biomass into solid fuel HEATLOGS, for use as fuel in a woodburning stove or fireplace.

I now intend to open up a factory on Peguis 1st Nation land in Manitoba to manufacture this Japanese designed compactor and sell it to all biomass producing countries and organisations. There are 750 SHIMADA machines around the World, making solid fuel from materiel, which is usually landfilled or burnt in the field.

John Olsen, Cree Industries, West Vancouver, BC, tel/fax: 604-533-4950,

Fresh Hemp Foods

Manitoba Harvest™ Hemp Seed Oil received ALIVE Magazine's 2000/2001 Silver Excellence Award for Best Essential Fatty Acid Product at the annual CHFA Exposition in Toronto in October, 2000. Manitoba Harvest™ Hemp Seed Oil is the only hemp product in an increasingly competitive market to achieve this distinction, says Mike Fata, President, Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd:

"(This award) acknowledges what we have known all along about the remarkable benefits of the hemp seed. It will go a long way in helping us gain acceptance of hemp foods and oils by consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle. Bringing our products to the forefront of health and nutrition means we have and must continue to set the benchmark for the highest quality."

Manitoba Harvest/Fresh Hemp Foods, Winnipeg, MB. Call 1-800-665-HEMP, ,


Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Oil Canada now offers 9 exciting new products. These products are available under the brand names:

"Prairie Emerald Oil" hemp seed oil & gel caps
"Hemp Nuggets" hulled hemp seeds
"My Stash" toasted hemp seed snack
"Premium Prairie Hemp Coffee"
"Dog Munchies" pet training treat

as well as the "Prairie Emerald" Hemp Enriched bodycare products line including: a shampoo, conditioner, moisturising cream, hand & body lotion and massage & bath oil.

Now being shipped across North America to distributors and food brokers in a store near you.

Hemp Oil Canada Inc., Ste. Agathe, MB, Tel: 204-275-7616, Email:,

Knotty Boy

Got dreadlocks? Ever wanted 'em?

Knotty Boy Dread Wax is an all-natural beeswax/hempseed oil - based hair product for starting beautiful, strong dreads in ANY hair type! It's also excellent for conditioning and maintaining already-formed locks, and works miracles on dry, damaged dreads.

Also now available is the Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo-Bar, a foamy herbal shampoo that utilises the germicidal and antibacterial properties of tea tree, rosemary and peppermint essential oils to eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp conditions. Gently cleanses and controls oily build-up without hindering the dreadlocking process.

To order these and other dread accessories, and for more dreadlock fun, visit!

The Hemp Club THC/ The Natural Order

The most recent innovation in the Canadian Hemp Industry is Essential Oil. Essential Oils are oils distilled from plant matter, for use by the food industry for flavour, the perfume industry for scent and aromatherapists for therapeutic purposes.

Recent research and development in Canada by a Master Aromatherapist has created new Canadian varieties of HEOs that comply with, and surpass, Canadian Hemp Regulations.

In an effort to successfully market these Essential Oils, Ruth Shamai (R&D Hemp Inc, Toronto) and Larry Duprey (The Hemp Club THC Inc, Montreal) have joined forces.

Ruth Shamai - or Larry Duprey -

Purity Hemp Products

One tablespoon of any of the three blends, THE BIG FLUSH, THE HERBAL FLUSH, THE BETA FLUSH is more fibre than a bowl of oats, bran or even a tablespoon of psyllium or flax and more gentle on the tract.

Purity Hemp fibre is designed to rebuild the colon and nourish good flora with necessary insoluble fibres. High fibre keeps the proper pH balance in the intestinal tract, is excellent for cleansing the liver, blood, and detoxifying tissues. We require 35 grams of fibre per day. Hard to achieve as many companies remove insoluble fibre in a sacrifice for taste over health. Get flushed. ,

Receptive Earth

Receptive Earth is an eco based hemp company in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia.

We started in 1998 with Rainbow and Rasta Dyed Hemp Twine. In 1999 we added the "Rhythm Rack" CD rack to our line. In 2000 we have launched a totally unique product: 12 Patchouli based oils blended with an array of 100% natural oils. These include Amber, Champa, Clary Sage, Clove, Jasmine, Myrrh, Palmarosa, Passion (Amber, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Patchouli), Rose Geranium, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and of course a pure Patchouli. Though the oils contain no hemp, they have a wide appeal.

Receptive Earth, Nelson, BC, Canada, 250-352-3588,

Ruth's Hemp Foods

Ruth's Hemp Foods' late 2000 launches: three flavours of hemp-based salad dressings: Balsamic Hemp, Hemp n' Honey Mustard and Far East Hemp. The dressings contain hemp oil, an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 6, Omega 3 and GLA. Ruth Shamai says the addition of the hemp oil gives people an easy and delicious way to get Essential Fatty Acids daily.

Also launched are Ruth's Hemp & Whole Wheat Wraps. This versatile product incorporates hemp flour, an excellent source of protein. This line expands on the current success of the hemp tortilla chips, hemp pasta (with and without wheat), hemp oil and hemp/flax oil.

Ruth's Hemp Foods, Toronto, ON, 416-588-4209,


Spirit Stream trading is going knit crazy. According to designer James Enkin, "We have found the reaction to Spirit Stream's Hemp/cotton blend t shirt to be amazing. The Spirit fleece sweatshirt has also been greatly received by the trade. We are in development on new exciting knits , including, blends of hemp and organic cotton. Spirit Sherpas and Spirit Loopy terry are coming soon . Stay tuned for some awesome new developments from Spirit Stream."





Hemp Museum

Wild Domestic Industrial Hemp Photos 2000 on a CD from the hemp-filled sandhills of NE. Also on this CD is a complete copy of http://, with photos of the Lakota project. Available for $25 for personal use. For commercial use, speak to Brooks. Thousands more photos also available.

Dr. Brooks Kelly, 402-336-2290,

HempNut Inc.

HempUS Flag

Pictures of the production version Genuine Hemp US Flag are online now! Thank you for your patience as we have worked through the numerous barriers to finally arrive at this point.

Visit and check out the beautiful Hemp US Flag. Order yours today for delivery before Christmas!

Tim Castleman, Mesa, AZ 480-804-9555, ,



Under reported department: Hempzels was awarded second place in Food Distribution Magazine's 1999 National Popcorn and Snack Foods Competition. Food Distribution Magazine (FDM) is a 40-year-old national publication headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. According to the publisher, "FDM is the leading publication in the specialty food industry and is read by over 30,000 specialty food retailers, food distributors, grocery chain food buyers and specialty food personnel each month." FDM c/o National Food Distribution Network, Inc., P.O. Box 10378, Clearwater, FL 34617-0378.

Hempzels Pretzels, Lancaster, Pa, Ph: 1-800-873-4367, Fax: 717-354-2335,,

Humboldt Hemp Foods

HUMBOLDT HEMP FOODS of Shelter Cove, California flourishes in the year 2000 with the introduction of Lenda Hand's "OH MEGA!" HEMP CHIPS. Made with ORGANIC Blue Corn and ample ORGANIC HempNut ™ "OH MEGA!" CHIPS great light taste (these chips are not oily) combined with the balance of rare Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids make "OH MEGA!" CHIPS a smart chip choice.

Now available from Mountain People's Distributing. Ten percent of profit is donated to Saving Ancient Forests through direct action! Direct Orders welcome.

Lenda Hand, Shelter Cove, California, 707-986-7759


In recent comparative sampling tests with two leading natural chip brands, consumers rated Nutiva chips first in taste. Nutiva will initially offer two flavours of its hemp chips. Several additional flavours are forthcoming. The Hemp Sesame tortilla chip is made with organic blue corn, pesticide-free shelled hempseed, organic sesame, expeller-pressed hi-oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, and sea salt. The Hemp Flax tortilla chip is made with organic yellow corn, pesticide-free shelled hempseed, organic flax, expeller-pressed hi-oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, and sea salt.

John Roulac, Sebastopol, California 707-823-2800,,

What's Hempenin' Baby?

Hempers® diapers are made of unbleached 55% hemp/45% green cotton fabric. Available in traditional rectangular prefolds, as well as snap-closure fitted diapers, which are shaped much like disposable diapers. The BabyHemp line of clothing features 55% hemp/45% green cotton jersey knits, with layette items including hats, tee-shirts, and one-piece creepers for new-born through 18 months, and toddler-sized tee-shirts, pants, shorts, jumpers, and fleece vests and jackets. Organic cotton products are also available. The Mama Hemp line offers maternity and nursing fashions, nursing pads, and sling baby carriers padded with 100% cotton. The hemp/cotton blend fabric used in Hempers® and BabyHemp clothing is imported from China from a fair-labour mill.

Susie Little, Fredericktown, Ohio, 740-694-4442, ,


BioResource Hemp

In November 2000 the proceedings of the BIORESOURCE HEMP 2000 & Other Fibre Plants with approx. 1000 pp. were published on the internet. BIORESOURCE HEMP was organised by nova-Institute (Hürth/Germany) in collaboration with the event and promotion agency TriTec GmbH (Bochum/Germany).

With a registered username and password you will be able to download and print the long versions of almost all presentations. Your advantage: access to the documents from any place in the world, selection of contributions from a clear structure, readable and printable from online.

Participants of the BH2000 can order their user name/password from a price of 50,- DM, non-participants at a price of 150,- DM. (also check out the conference pictures)

Hemp Foods Industries Association

New Book: H.E.M.P. Healthy Eating Made Possible -- A Holistic Cookbook and Reference Guide, By Paul Benhaim.
The World's First 100% ORGANIC Sprouted Bread with Hemp -- made using sprouted wheat and a process that involves very little heat, providing a shelf-life of 6 months at ambient temperatures. Contains over 10% of the hulled hempseeds. 100% organic, vegan, dairy free, with no sweeteners, yeast or preservatives.
New Vegan Products -- Hemp Ice (dairy free vegan alternative to ice cream), Hemp Pasta, Hemp Pesto, toasted and soft hemp seed shaker pots, hemp coffee, hemp herbal tea, hemp chocolate, hemp butter and even hemp butter filled chocolates!,


Hemp oil -- Nature's most perfectly balanced EFA oil. EFA's in the right proportions and highly digestible.
Hempseeds -- Plain, Toasted (with or without salt), or the delicious Soft, centre of the seed.
Hemp & Spelt Pasta -- made from hemp and spelt flour.
Hemp Pesto -- Traditional recipes for Green and Red pesto enhanced by the addition of hemp oil and the soft, seed. Our red pesto is totally vegan.
Hemp-Ice -- Delicious and extremely nutritious, high in protein, rich in EFA's, low in saturated fats. Comes in 3 flavours- mint chocolate chip, vanilla and strawberry. All suitable for vegans.
And lot's lot's more:

Nirvana Homebrew

Hemp Wine -- 11% red and white 75cl and 37.5 CL bottles
Hemp Brew -- 5% beer with hemp extract 33 CL bottles
Hemp Brew -- alcohol-free hemp malt beer
Hemp Tea -- special tea bags from hemp grown in north Holland
Hemp Shots -- hemp wine in shooter form small bottles 50cl 11%alc
Hemp Vinegar -- natural vinegar with hemp flavour, a hemp leaf and some herbs in every bottle!
Hempseeds -- 800 bags of grams eatable seeds, good for cooking, baking and sprouting
Hemp Liqueur Eva's Paradise -- 24 % alc beautiful longnecked black bottle. Winner Cannabis Cup 2000 Best Hemp Product
Hemp Elixer -- the strongest! 69 % alc, distilled, Winner Cannabis Cup 2000 Best Hemp Product.

Looking for distributors and producers worldwide. All products hemp based and legal anywhere in the world because of low THC rate, now sold in over 20 countries and still expanding.,



"PeoplesHemp threads", the alternative handmade twine product made by diverse ethnic groups in the mountains of SE Asia. This unique product comes with a free pair of folding scissors, more than 100 (listed) uses, and information about the origins in the colourful mountains of Yunnan. Stand up for ethnic diversity and traditional hemp cultures, environmentally and socially positive business solutions with PeoplesHemp. You will appreciate our convenient and secure online ordering, fast and reliable order processing and shipping, and no hassle returns policy.

Available now for secure on-line wholesale and retail ordering and immediate shipment via our web site,

Michael Sutherland,,

Hemp Beer in Japan

Historic moment: "Debut of Hemp Beer made in Japan." Ganja High launched on 23rd November in Kyoto. A new highlight in the long history of hemp in Japan. ,

Market Development around the Hemp World

It is no news to anyone with some familiarity to the industry in that markets are "slim and thin", to quote a USDA report released this year. Existing markets may be small, but it is not just a question of finding markets, but a need to create them. Long term sustainable development of the industry will ultimately require more than a vision and deep pockets but strategic plans involving co-operation from industry, communities and government, for such projects (for example) as biomass fuel plants, paper mills and fibre processing. While there are a number of groups working on such projects, the culmination of these ventures will still require a few years of work, even if swift moves are made.

Over the short term, there is great need to develop markets, dozens of Canadian farmers with unbought surpluses of fibre and seed, and a number of striving companies working from the ground up. One such company is HempWorld Inc.

Matthew Huijgen is the President of HempWorld Inc and HempWorld Hotel B.V, as well as webmaster for HempCyberFarm ( ), an information clearinghouse and incipient hemp product brokerage web site, based out of California. Over the past year, Huijgen has been working with Canadian farmers with surpluses of seed and fibre and attempting to match up international buyers for unclaimed production.

The following are excerpts of a recent online interview held between The Hemp Report and Huijgen on the subject of hemp markets and market development

Most promising short term markets:
" Low value added products coming straight from the land, such as horse bedding and hemp seeds for birds and industrial use, seed oil for human consumption."

We need our hemp oil:
" In general, if you consider that according what we've read, 80% of the American population is going without enough unsaturated fatty acids in their system/nutrition. We have lost the connection to a culture that would provide us with adequate nutrition. People need to understand that it is critical to maintain a proper intake of unsaturated fatty acids and if possible, GLA. Hempseed is the primary source for this but for now mostly birds seem to know and understand this."

What we need to learn about marketing:
"It seems that people don't know how to market their product and are simply waiting for a buyer. It takes a little work and a little imagination. Of course one must also remember that it is not easy to have to invent every step of the way. This is essentially what needs to be done. For two generations hemp has been erased from our existence. It is going to be difficult to convince all owners of horses that hemp is a superior bedding. It is difficult to start a continuing business delivering this product because it is new. New things need time and above all, this is information that needs to sink in and business must find some form of routine and constant turnover to cut costs down to that of a going concern. As opposed to someone who gets an order once in a blue moon and has to mobilise a lot to get this one order filled."

Traditional industries need to recognise hemp's opportunity:
"It takes time for any other more specialised hemp product and related industry to develop; apparel, inks/paints, wood composites, etc. This is slow, again, because most people in traditional industries don't know how beneficial such a hemp product would be and in some part, mankind in the western world does not value sustainability and eco friendliness as it should. The government should play a greater role in stimulating sustainable products and practices. Old industry has been ingrained in all forms of government and together they do not favour this new industry from which they have much to lose."

Bedding Deal: Can you fill this order?

A promising bedding deal that Huijgen was attempting to broker was not met. Did shipping costs kill this one?

To: <>


Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2000 10:42 PM

Dear Mr Matthew,

I have attached our requirements for stable beddings that we had talked about recently.

Could you kindly quote us your BEST price according to the QUANTITY REQUIRMENTS in the attachment and also whether you would be able to supply us the QUANTITY at the indicated specifications and quality in the attachments.

Please quote for all of the products which you might have in the attachment and arrange for samples to be sent to us immediately.

If however you are unable to supply in the pack size indicated, please indicate your pack size and quote accordingly

As for the WOOD SHAVINGS, please quote for PINE WOOD SHAVINGS and if you have any other interesting beddings, please also kindly quote us for those.

Could you also at the same time quote us the freight charges which will be involved.

Our nearest port is the port of Singapore.

Could you also kindly provide the address of your warehouse, so that we might try to also get a quote from our forwarder for shipping costs .

As the deadline is extremely close, we urgently await your reply and samples.

Please also send product literature if possible

Thank you.
Best regards,
Mr Lee Song Teck

Hemp is available here:

We have 42,000lbs of cleaned hemp seed, presently in storage at Churchbridge, SK. We will sell same for 50cents per lb. from this storage site, in bulk. Customers will have to bear the shipping costs. Ken Thurston (780) 852-3002 email: or by mail at Box 233, Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0

We have 45,000 lbs. of hemp seed (Fedora 19 - French Variety) for sale at a cost of 50 cents/lb. Contact Janice Palmer in Manitoba @204-268-6228 or 204-444-7837 or email

(Hempseed right off the field (photo courtesy of Janice Palmer)


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