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Functional Marketing
Perception, low consumer awareness and price are all barriers to marketing hemp foods
By Martine Carlina

The marketing of hemp for the functional foods, nutraceutical, and dermaceutical markets faces great challenges. Although the functional foods market represents a $561.2 million industry in Canada, and is growing at a rate of 11% annually in the US, hemp is still relatively unknown to this marketplace.

One significant challenge in marketing of Canadian hempseed and its derivatives is its perceived instability. In the days before legalisation in Canada most hemp oilseed was imported either in oil form or as sterilised grain from China. There was really no way to determine the freshness of the product. Both long transport times and sterilisation of grain were contributing factors to product rancidity. This has presented a definite hurdle in marketing Canadian grown and processed hempseed oil on a retail level. Many early buyers of these products were forced to bear the costs associated with rancid product. Inconsistent or high THC levels on imported hemp also plagued many large manufacturers eager to add hemp to their products. I have run across a number of companies who now demonstrate little confidence with hempseed oil because of these issues.

The second challenge of marketing hemp foods is the low level of consumer awareness of their benefits. Most consumers simply have difficulty associating hemp with food. Although marketers of hemp foods are doing significant work, merchandising and advertising capabilities still represent a weak link when compared to the work of other natural foods and nutraceutical companies. One reason for this is that many of these companies, although innovators, are marketing their first products and are undercapitalised to do so effectively.

Canadian labelling standards also make it very difficult to market the highly valued components of the product like Omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, and GLA. Marketers unable to advertise these valued components are hard pressed to educate consumers that hemp is a valuable supplement to their diets.

Marketing the benefits of these products requires direct consumer contact. This can be achieved by in-store demonstrations, which seek to educate the consumer and retailer alike that hemp is a legitimate and quality component of the functional food and nutraceutical market.

The third and most formidable aversion to the development of hemp foods is price. Although a significant amount of hemp is being grown in Canada, seed prices remain high. We are now entering our third year of hemp production and prices are dropping yearly; these high costs translate directly to the uneducated consumer. Because of price it has become quite difficult to use a large amount of hemp in any product without the consumer understanding its benefits — therefore many companies use so little hemp in their products use so little that the benefits represent a moot point.

Although challenges exist in the ability to market hemp foods, educated consumers have demonstrated allegiance to the products. Hemp foods companies and suppliers alike are working fast and furious to educate, promote, and develop products that will benefit both the consumer and Canadian farmers alike.

Martine Carlina is the principal of Hemp Management Group (HMG) a dedicated hemp marketing company working out of Alberta and Saskatchewan. She can be reached at martine_carlina@hotmail.com

Hemp Shorts

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a) First Canadian grown and woven hemp textiles are now on the market.

The Hemp Club/Chanvre en Ville is now selling the first Canadian grown and woven hemp textiles. With yarn manufactured and supplied by hemp grower and processor Hempline, and then spun and woven in Quebec by fabric designer Jane Wheeler of Rose Textiles in her mill outside of Montreal, the result is an eye catching array of blankets and hammocks.

The natural-looking fabrics blend hemp with a number of fibres including cotton and mohair. With up to 45% hemp content, the textiles are available in hemp/cotton/polyester, hemp/wool/cotton/and hemp/cotton/mohair/polyester blends.

According to The Hemp Club/Chanvre en Ville's Larry Duprey, the mohair used in the weaving will soon be "hemp grown"; that is, it will come from angora sheep, fed on hempseed.

Some polyester (5-10%) has also been used as a binder with the hemp yarn. According to Duprey, the polyester is necessary to include at this point as "either the yarn is not of a quality or the spinning is not good enough yet" to avoid doing so.

The fabrics are available by the metre, and are suitable for any household uses, including blankets, bed coverings, pillows curtains and carpets. "The blankets are a display of what is possible," says Duprey, who points out that up to thirty designs — including 20 jaquard weave designs and 10 dobby weave designs — have been produced so far.

This is only the beginning; with the advent of even more processed fibres, many more sophisticated textiles will produced in Canada.

The demand and interest for these items so far is pleasing Duprey: " I took 40 pieces to Santa Cruz Hemp Fest and sold them all at between $120-$150 US in less then 10 hours."

Larry Duprey has been appointed Hemp Sales agent for Rose Textiles hemp production and looks forward to handling all inquiries. Reach him at thehempclubthc@hotmail.com

For more info on hemp yarn and applications of hemp fibre for textiles, check out www.hempline.com.

b) Fiber Ethics Magazine launches

Fiber Ethics Magazine — a publication dedicated to helping retailers unravel and understand the explosion of "ethical fabrics" — will have its official global launch on July 1st.

The print sister of the successful e-publication Fiber Ethics Online ( www.fiberethics.com ) Fiber Ethics Magazine will deliver quarterly industry analysis, product reviews and targeted advice to a wide variety of retailers buying products made from such materials as flax, hemp, organic wools, kenaf, organic cottons, and recycled synthetic fibers.

"For too long these industries have developed separately," says David Redwood, editor of Fiber Ethics Magazine. "Buyers who've tried to meet the customer demand out there for these socially-conscious fibers have expressed the need for a comprehensive information source. Fiber Ethics Magazine brings these different materials under one banner."

Randy Mugford, president of publisher HPI Group, says, "The goal is to provide a platform for businesses, especially small- and mid-sized socially responsible ones, to get the message out that business and environmental and social responsibility can, and do, co-exist."

New technologies are literally blending these renewable materials together. Combined with the spending power of a socially-conscious consumer base estimated at over 45 million in the United States alone, there is clearly a motive for more and more manufacturers to adopt healthier, cleaner and sustainable fabrics.

Fiber Ethics Magazine sheds light on the latest opportunities and challenges the industry faces. Most of all the magazine provides retailers with the latest in product development, styles and technical information.

Fiber Ethics Magazine is published in Nova Scotia, Canada by HPI Group. For subscriptions call 1-800-330-9117. For advertising information or for a copy of Fiber Ethics Magazine call Laurie Scott at (902) 634-8131. (Please note: bolded numbers will become active on July 1st). For more information, call Randy Mugford, President, HPI Group, at (902) 868-1299 or David Redwood, Editor, Fiber Ethics Magazine at (902) 492-2371.

c) OhMega!

Humboldt Hemp Foods of Whitethorne, California is has announced their new "OhMega!" chips, the original shelled hempseed chip. OhMega! is made with organically grown blue corn, The HempNut brand hulled hempseed, safflower oil and sea salt.

ohmegasm.gif"Our current OhMega! Hemp Chips are organic except for the HempNut, " says Humboldt Hemp Foods' Lenda Hand: "We are working with a new manufacturer as we speak that will certify our chips as organic now that the organic HempNut is available. Soon we'll be certified organic."

The chips are billed as "Nature's Source of Omega 3 and Omega 6"; the packaging also provides some cross marketing, having logos from HempNut Inc., Hemp Food Association and Hemp Industries Association.

Some of the other foods available from Humboldt Hemp Foods include "Sumativa" a certified organic, Sumatra/hempseed coffee blend, and Lenda Hand's "Dessert First!" line: organic cake mixes that come in four flavours (soon to be available as certified organic as well.)

HHF Foods is also known for their support of deep ecology oriented direct action groups. Throughout the entire Luna Treesit, 25 cents from every pound of Sumativa sold went directly to word famous treesitter Julia Butterfly Hill. A portion of profits from Dessert First! and OhMega! chips are also donated to direct action.

By supporting direct action, Hand says that HHF hopes to help heighten awareness on issues pertaining to health of the forests and ecosystems and the use of hemp to end deforestation.

Cases of OhMega! (15 * 7.oz) are available to distributors. Consumers can purchase direct from Humboldt Hemp Foods on a single case basis. Bulk "Oh!Mega" chips are available upon inquiry. Or contact Mountain People's Distributing.

Contact Humboldt Hemp Foods, hempfood@humboldt.net, www.humboldthemp.com

d) HCFR readers needed for Non-Wood Pulping Survey
The Alberta Research Council (ARC), together with the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC) has prepared a brief web-based survey to assess the level of interest in establishing a non-wood pulping committee within PAPTAC. This survey takes about a minute to complete, and your participation would be greatly appreciated!

arclogo.gifPlease take the time to complete the survey and share your paptac.gifopinions on this subject. It can be found at: www.paptac.ca

Results will be made available on the PAPTAC web site sometime in July and will be published in a future edition ofPulp and Paper Canada.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey!

e) Webworthy:egroups.com
Egroups.com offers a wide range of hemp and fibre-oriented discussion groups. Log in, and do a search for fibre or hemp to find them. Editor's picks for lists interesting conversational threads include Exotic Fibres, Canadian Fibre Producers and Eco-Witches.


Association News

ohalogo.jpgOHA officially up and running
By David Marcus, OHA

On June 15, 2000, the Ontario Hemp Alliance (OHA), with the establishment of its first official board of directors, is now officially up and running. This board will serve as an interim board until the OHA's inaugural general meeting, (September 12, 2000 in conjunction with Canada's Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario.) The OHA directors represent the interests of a diverse cross-section of Ontario's hemp industry, including processing, manufacturing, farming, research and community development.

Specifically, the OHA board of directors are: David Marcus (President), Jean Laprise (Vice-President), Larry Davis (Treasurer), Helmut Becker, Greg Herriot, Louise Hollingsworth, and Gordon Schiefele. Thanks go out to Chris Farrell, John Batt and Stuart Halliday for their efforts and perseverance in bringing the OHA to this point.

As an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, the Ontario Hemp Alliance is now positioned to fulfil its mandate to raise public awareness of hemp's uses and benefits and to facilitate the development of markets for hemp products. With matching funds from CanAdapt's Small Project Initiative, the OHA is pleased to announce that Louise Hollingsworth has been hired, and will be starting work July 4th, as the OHA's Executive Director. In addition, funds have been allocated for the further development of the OHA's web site (www.OntarioHempAlliance.org) and a quarterly newsletter. Both of these contracts are now officially out for tender. For more information on both of these opportunities, please visit the OHA web site.

With one successful public awareness project already accomplished (the hemp art show Renewal, held at Toronto's BCE Place April 16-26, 2000), the OHA has several more projects already in the works. The OHA will be co-hosts (with the Hemp Industries Association) of the Hemp Expo at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, September 12-14, 2000. This year's augmented Hemp Expo will feature speakers and daily hemp demonstrations including hemp weaving, papermaking and oil pressing, as well as a hemp beer tent. Anyone interested in exhibiting should contact the OHA at info@OntarioHempAlliance.org.

Also being planned is an OHA-sponsored Hemp Seed Cookbook. Envisioned as an affordable guide to cooking with hemp and hempseed's nutritional benefits, this cookbook is hoped to be available for September 2000. Anyone with unique and tasty hemp recipes is invited to submit them for possible inclusion in theHemp Seed Cookbook. Again, please email any recipes, ideas or information requests to: info@OntarioHempAlliance.org




Buy a piece of Hemp History! Canada's First Hemp Fibre Textiles. Ontario Fibre, spun and woven in Quebec into beautiful blankets and Hammocks. Contact the Hemp Club Inc. at thehempclubthc@hotmail.com


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"Operation Ditchweed" Thanks to all HCFR readers who sent leads where to find wild hemp. Wonderful field work by many thoughtful people has produced some dazzling results fit for science and society. This valuable data has been passed on to the proper channels and all is cool. Let's have lots more please! This wild gene pool may be very important for future breeding of far north adaptable varieties. Each wild hemp location is different — we want them all to learn just how these diverse hemps thrive so well in such adverse conditions. If you know where authentic wild hemp grows, with all discretion please contact our civilian response team to arrange ripe seed  collection. Every patch of ditchweed is a winner. And no, we don't sell wild hempseed but yes, we will pay for the real thing. For more information about the Autumn 2000 wild hempseed collection project contact Dr. Sumach, Hemp Futures Study Group, PO Box 1680, Niagara on the Lake Ontario, Canada, LOS IJO, 905 468 3928 rheading@becon.org or please leave an inquiry at the HFCR: arthurhanks@hotmail.com
PS: Health Canada reminds us that ditchweed cannabis program is not covered under the Industrial Hemp regulations. Wild hempseed will not be ripe until September — we are seeking where these stands might be arising. Proper permits will be in place at that point for retrieval as advertised.


Hedron Analytical, paulh@istar.ca
Fibrex Québec Inc, info@fibrexcanada.com
Gen-X Research, sasha@gen-xresearch.com
HempWorld Inc., matthew@HempWorld.com
Hemp Oil Canada, hempoilcan@escape.ca
BioHemp Technologies Ltd., jfreeman@biohemp.com
Canadian Hemp Corp, info@hempcorp.com
Fiber Ethics Magazine, dredwood@fiberethics.com
Greenman Nonwood Papermill, greenman@lynx.bc.ca
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), info@thehia.org

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Upcoming Events

July 15-19, 2000: Agri-Food 2000, Key to the Future: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Week-long event at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, focussing on food production, food processing, quality and safety. Trade show and conference targeted to a broad cross-section of the agricultural industry, including producers, food processors and manufacturers, grain dealers, and researchers. Sponsored by the Agricultural Institute of Canada, (AIC), the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST), the Canadian Society for Agricultural Engineering (CSAE) and the Flax Council of Canada. For registration or exhibitor information, check out www.agrifood2000.mb.ca

July 17th, Canadian Consulting Agrologists Association 27th Annual General Meeting and PD Conference: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Updates for both the AGM and the Professional Development Sessions will be posted on CCAA's web site at www.consultingagrologists.com/agm.htm

July 17-19, Nutracon 2000 Conference & Expo: Las Vegas, NV
Held at Caesar's Palace. The Event for Nutraceuticals. Check out www.nutracon.net

herb11.gifJuly 18-22, July 23-24 Herbs 2000: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Outlook, Saskatchewan.
Produced by the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association and co-sponsored by the International Herb Association & Canadian Herb Society. HERBS 2000 is a combination of two events: The International Herb Conference, to be held on July 18-22 in Saskatoon and Herbfest 2000, an international herb festival to be held on July 23-24 in Outlook. Over 60 speakers will be featured at the Conference; hemp panels on production and marketing will also form part of the itinerary. Speakers are slated to include Stan Blade (Alberta Agriculture), Sasha Przytyk (Gen-X Research), Al Slinkard (Canag Research and Development Corp), Ruth Shamai (R&D Hemp) and Keith Beaulieu (Manitoba Agriculture). Herbfest 2000 is a consumer/community/family-oriented event: look out for hemp smoothies and treats, The Hemp Maze, fibre decortication courtesy of Saskatoon's BioLin Research and hemp information from the SHA and HCFR.
Check out www.saskherbspice.org/herbs2000.html or call Connie Kehler at 306-694-4622 , Fax: 306-694-2182 or email: g.musings@sk.sympatico.ca .

August 5 -7: Natural Life Festival, St. George, Ontario
A Celebration of Sustainable Living. Workshops, Green Marketplace, Kids' Environmental Activities, Natural Foods, Natural Healing Demonstrations, and more. Watch this page: www.life.ca/festival for details of workshops and a vendor list for the Green Marketplace.

August 19-20 : CHFA Mini Expo West, Edmonton, Alberta
To be held at the Shaw Conference Centre. More details to be released soon. Check out www.chfa.ca

September 8 - 11: HIA Convention 2000, Ontario
The 7th Annual HIA Convention 2000 will again be held in Ontario. The Ecology Retreat Center, near Toronto, will be the site for the General Meeting. Contact The HIA for details: info@thehia.org , Tel: 707-874-3648 Fax: 707-874-1104

September 12-14: Outdoor Farm Show, Woodstock, Ontario
Canada's largest outdoor farm show will host industrial hemp for the third year. A demonstration hemp field will be harvested during the event and be complemented by a Hemp Information Tent and the vendor's village. To be sponsored by OHA and HIA.
Outdoor Farm Show - 1-800-563-5441, www.outdoorfarmshow.com

September 13-16: Bioresource Hemp 2000, Wolfsburg, Germany
The world's largest scientific-technical symposium on hemp, BIORESOURCE HEMP®, will open its doors for the third time in 2000. 250 participants in 1995 and 350 participants in 1997 from more than 20 countries visited the BIORESOURCE HEMP®. For the 2000 symposium, organisers are expecting about 400 participants.

Bioresource Hemp 2000 will be held at the conference center in Wolfsburg, Germany from September 13-16, 2000 as part of the Worldwide EXPO-2000 project "Kreislaufwirtschaft-Resource Management" (closed-Loop Economy).

The symposium will focus on the following topics:

In all, a total of 80 technical presentations will be given by the best specialists in the world. Full program and more details can be found at www.bioresource-hemp.de.

Tri Tec GmbH, Ph: 49-234-935 79 73, Fax: 49-234-935 79 75, E-mail: register@bioresource-hemp.de , www.nova-institut.de/bioresource-hemp/

September 22-26: Natural Products Expo East 2000, Baltimore, Maryland
New Hope Communications- Ph: 303-939-8440 x 161 or 228, Fax:303-939-9559, www.naturalproductexpo.com.

October 4-6: 3rd Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase, Memphis, Tennessee.
Held at the Agricenter International. The 1999 event brought together over 150 individuals commercializing agricultural fibers for composites, textiles, energy, chemicals, pulp & paper and other industrial products. Over twenty-five speakers from three countries covered bast fibers, cotton, new crops, new products and much more. Keynote speaker for 2000 is: Dr. Ray Berard, Senior VP of Technology Interface Research Corporation.

Agro-Tech Communications, Ph: 901-757-1777, email: fiber@netten.net ,http://www.agrotechfiber.com

October 4-6: 1st Annual Non-Wood Pulp and Paper Symposium, Memphis, Tennessee.
Held at the Agricenter International in conjunction with the Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase. The symposium aims to catalyse: the utilisation of non-wood fibres to add unique or improved characteristics to pulp & paper products; development of new markets for residual straw; and education about the potential of non-wood fibers in the pulp and paper industry
For more information, contact Wade Chute, Senior Research Engineer, Alberta Research Council

October 26-29, 2000: CHFA Expo East, Toronto, Ontario
To be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Trade Show Guide will be soon be posted. Check out www.chfa.com

January 26-28, 2001: 20th Annual Organic Conference, Guelph, Ontario
20 Years & Growing. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ann Clark "The Road Ahead for Organic Agriculture". Two day exhibition; 95 exhibitors are expected: January 27th and 28th. Contact Tomás Nimmo organix@georgian.net or check out www.gks.com/OrgConf/

Catch a great list of North American Trade Shows at www.hemppages.com

Contact Arthur Hanks, HCFR Editor, at arthurhanks@hotmail.com with details

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